Saturday, June 1, 2024

Linen Flax Growing Project Update 

Gale Woods Farm Linen Flax

I was at the farm on 5/30/24 to see how the flax (and weeds) were growing. As suspected, the thistle continues to make its mark on the south end of the plot, as do a few other smaller weeds throughout. I pulled the unwelcome plants for 2 hours with relatively good success. 

The plants have grown to a height that makes them generally too tall to step on, yet the weed problem needs to be handled. Due to the timing of the plot proposal and other factors, the plot was only plowed a few times this spring before sowing. A fall plot preparation is ideal, but that wasn't a possibility in this scenario. This less-than-ideal situation is becoming more apparent as the soil is becoming more than just a home for the flax seedlings. I will need to continue weeding next week, but I hope this will be the last intensive weeding session. 

Close-up image of flax plants in field row.

After 3 weeks of growth, the seedlings are becoming stalks! The average height was about 4 inches, although I forgot to bring my measuring stick.

Personal Flax Plot

Measuring stick showing 12 inches of flax plant growth in field.

These plants are vigorous! The tallest ones are 12 inches. It's possible that they would be taller in a location with more sunlight, but they are still thriving with the cooler weather and steady rain we have been experiencing.

Close-up image of top of flax plant holding a water drop.

Linen flax LOVES a wet, cool, humid environment! This one wants to hold onto a water droplet after a rainstorm!

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